Popsimed in action

Popsimed ® is a software for managing medical information for pharmaceutical companies.

With Popsimed ®, you will optimize the management of your documents and communicate better with your prescribing physicians, pharmacists and customers while informing your Medical Sales in real time.

People are becoming better informed about their disease, existing treatments, new products, your prescribing doctors and pharmacists are often looking more and more information, advice, documentation of your products, services.

Be sure to provide fast, accurate, clear and updated information, this will contribute significantly to retention. All in one concervant traceability of answers and attached documents.

Popsimed ® is a simple tool youn can simply and quickly respond to your doctors or clients based on filled template letters or with your existing documentation available in a few clicks.

With Popsimed ®, you get a user-friendly, reliable, intuitive, solution accessible anywhere, anytime from any computer with a simple web browser!

Our customers say about us

POPSIMED est un excellent programme, il offre une véritable organisation de nos documents, une centralisation des données avec un accès fiable et une interface utilisateur très conviviale

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